1. Pre-Qualify

Getting pre qualified requires the same documentation as when you apply for a mortgage.

In order to accurately Pre-Qualify someone, we need to see the same documents that would be submitted when applying for a loan.  Below is a list of documents that are needed.  If you are interested in being Pre-Qualified, then press the Apply Now tab on the navigation bar.  If you would like a rate quote then press Todays Rates on the navigation tab.  If you have a particular loan situation you would like to discuss, please contact us and we will get back to you right away.

The general list of documents needed when applying are:

1. Income

Obviously the lender wants to know how much you earn. They also want to know how you earn your money.  If you work for an employer, then current paystubs, W-2s, and Federal Tax Returns are requested.  Some loan products only ask for proof of one years income, others require two years of proof. 

If you are self employed, then you will need to prove home much you have earned so far this year.  That can be done with paystubs or with a letter from your accountant.  Tax returns for yourself and your company will be required as well.  Some loan programs require two years, some only one year.

2. Employment.

Different than income, the lender needs to verify your employment.  If you work for a company than it is simple, the number for your employer is provided.  The lender is looking for a two year work history.

If you are self employed, then typically you will need to provide proof your company exists, ie Dept of State search showing your company is active, a license that may be required to operate your company, or a letter from your accountant verifiying home many years you have been in business.

For pre qualifying purposes, generally, a verification of employment is not needed. 

3. Assets

Assets are what money is being used to purchase the home and pay the closing costs. The lender will require two months of bank statements, from all the accounts being used to purchase the home.

If you are selling a home, and using that money to purchase the next property, then a contract of sale will be required when you apply for the mortgage.  For Pre Qualifying we can use an estimate of the proceeds from the sale.  Just know that you will have to sell your home before purchasing the new home, if the money from the sale is being used.